Agriculture Education

Stanley Clarke

Meet Mr. Clarke!

Clarke, Stanley
Basic Agriculture:

1st period – Forestry Science/Agricultural Leadership – 4or6wfi


2nd,4th, and 6th period – Basic Agriculture Science – ws57lyt


3rd period – General Horticulture and Plant Science – kmoigzc


5th Period – Agriculture Mechanics Technology 1 – 3afmhvi

Upper Level Content Courses:
Horticulture and Plant Science
Hort / Plant Google Classroom Code: gi7fcgb
Forest Science
Agricultural Leadership
Forest / Leadership Google Classroom Code: cyvranu
Agricultural Mechanics
Mechanics Google Classroom Code: asnxdab

Meet Mrs. Dysart!

Dysart, Nikhol
Basic Agriculture:
Basic Agriculture Google Classroom Code: gndjdra
Upper Level Content Courses:
Animal Science
Animal Google Classroom Code: u36zb2p
Animal Production
Production Google Classroom Code: 4s44bc5 
Veterinary Science
Vet Science Google Classroom Code: mgetrun

The Harman - Joiner Agriculture Department offers over 12 unique pathway options.

Enrolling in Basic Agricultural Science is the first step to developing a unique curriculum for students interested in livestock, horticulture, forestry, mechanics, and more! 

Pathway Poster
Basic Agriculture
Introductory course inspiring students to continue their pathway in agriculture. Curriculum spans leadership and FFA, horticulture, animal science, agronomy, forestry and natural resources. 
Plant / Forest

Curriculum includes plant anatomy and genetics, integrated pest management,  resource management, alternative energy sources, pathology, identification, and silviculture. 

The Plant Science courses manage and operate the campus greenhouse and sales. 

Plant Science and Forest Science are considered 4th science options for students completing a pathway in agriculture.

Animal / Livestock

Animal Science and Veterinary Science are considered 4th science options for students completing a pathway in agriculture.

The Agricultural Production courses manage on-campus livestock and meat sales. 


Curriculum focuses on general overview of mechanics - safety, measurement, calculations, power machines, electrical wiring, calculations, woodworking and finishing.  

Mechanics courses manage our wood fabrication shop.